The Medina County Sheriff's Office has announced that two people have been arrested and charged for dealing methamphetamine to several students at Devine High School.

The sheriff's office says that two adults that had no connection to the school have been arrested and charged with delivery of a controlled substance.

Law enforcement also says that they identified several students who were abusing the drugs but because the students had no prior criminal history or even any disciplinary action at the school, the students were not charged with felony possession.

Instead, the students will enter a form of probation known as pre-trial diversion.

“Pre-trial diversion probation should be used sparingly, but is sometimes appropriate, when you have a 17 or 18 year old high school student, nonviolent first time offender as is the case with these students," Medina County District Attorney Daniel Kindred said in a press release.

The DA also noted that if the students violate any of the conditions of their probation, they will be charged with felonies.

Medina County Sheriff Randy Brown said that among the consequences of the students' probation will be supervised community service, curfew, no participation in school sports, drug testing, and counseling.