The search is over for the man who shot and injured a postal worker in Spring Branch on Saturday.

A federal source identified the three suspects as Bradley A'Hearn, Sara Richford, and Piper Lee. All three will go before a judge and face arraignment on Thursday morning. It’s not clear yet which of the three is the suspected shooter.

San Antonio police tracked the suspect down Wednesday morning at a motel on Roosevelt near Steves just south of Downtown.

Piper Lee mug shot (PHOTO: BCSO)

Joe Casillas sat in his truck watching the takedown as it happened.

"SWAT set up. You could see them creep across the road here and they came in, got him, got out. That was a wrap," Casillas said.

San Antonio police worked with the U.S. Postal Service and federal authorities to track down the suspected gunman after he shot a mail carrier this past weekend.

Sara Richford mug shot (PHOTO: BCSO)

"It was a long saga and a complicated case with a lot of things that happened in between the initial incident and this morning," San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said.

Investigators say that the man is suspected of fleeing from officers after shots were fired off Loop 410 and Broadway on Tuesday.

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He's also suspected of causing a scare at North Star Mall when police say he drove into a parking garage and ran off.

Chief McManus says that the suspect and two others had nowhere to run on Wednesday.

"These three individuals were very dangerous. And I think we're all happy they were taken into custody without incident," McManus said.

Neighbors share the same feeling.

"The faster they're in jail, the better," Casillas said.