Thieves targeted a west-side boxing gym and stole equipment that was nearly priceless to the children who use it every day.

Andry Pastran, sports director at the West Side Boxing Gym on 315 North Calaveras, said that on Monday, they discovered several punching bags were stolen. They were hung up on chain links. He believes that the thieves took them some time over the weekend.

Unfortunately, they did not have surveillance cameras to catch the thieves on video. The gear that was stolen is an estimated $500 loss but Pastran said that the value is immeasurable.

He said that the thieves stole from the kids who use the boxing gym as a safe haven.

"It helps keep them out of the streets, for once," Pastran explained. "The most important thing is that when they are here with me and Richard at the boxing gym, I know that nothing will happen to them.”

Richard is the head coach and Pastran's cousin. Richard said that the kids were devastated to hear about the burglary.

"Just the sadness of the kids, the excitement went down. It's hurtful but we tell them, ‘Everything's going to be okay,’" Richard Pastran said.

The Pastrans added that they used to volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club of San Antonio's Calderon Clubhouse, but the boxing program was discontinued. The cousins said that it took them nine months to finally find a new space to train with the kids. They said that the theft is devastating for them as well.

"We were going forward good and then just a big stop sign saying you aren't going nowhere," Pastran described. "But we're here because we want to build champions. We gotta go over the hurdle and go forward again."