Ruben Reyes, a member of the Texas Mexican Mafia, has been sentenced to five consecutive life sentences in federal prison for the murder of four TMM members and Balcones Heights Officer Julian Pesina.

U.S. Attorney Richard Durbin and Christopher Combs of the FBI made the announcement on Wednesday.

Reyes will serve his term at a "supermax" facility in Colorado.

In court, Reyes pleaded guilty and admitted to killing TMM member Ulysses Farias in front of his family in October of 2013 because TMM suspected Farias of cooperating with federal authorities on an investigation.

Reyes also admitted to killing three other TMM members in January of 2014 for their mishandling of $60,000 and other discrepancies.

Notably, Reyes admitted to ordering the killing of Balcones Heights Police Officer Julian Pesina outside of a tattoo parlor Reyes owned in May 2014. According to court records, Officer Pesina claimed membership in TMM, had tattoos consistent with membership, and was selling drugs to members.