Moments before police arrived in the 100 block of Seacomber Place on Wednesday night, two groups of teenagers met up for a pre-arranged brawl that police said stemmed from a Facebook argument.

The teens agreed to a fistfight, but it escalated into gunplay, sending three of them to the hospital.

"My understanding is that parents arrived on the scene to break it up," San Antonio Police Department Chief William McManus said. "The suspects in this situation ran and when they got back to the vehicle, they opened fire on the other group before they left."

Police said that the victims were between the ages of 15 and 18 years old. A young woman was grazed on the face by a bullet while a man was shot on the hand and another was shot in the leg.

"Unless you can see all things, you can't prevent these things from happening," Chief McManus said. "As parents, we all need to pay attention to what our kids are doing on Facebook, no matter how old they are."

Chief McManus added that people calling out rivals on social media has become more common and has even driven up the crime rate in San Antonio.

"Anytime there's a confrontation, bullying or what have you on social media, it has led to problems," Chief McManus said.

The three victims were sent to San Antonio Military Medical Center for treatment. The man shot in the leg is said to be in critical condition. Police are looking for several suspects that got away in a white Tahoe SUV.