The community in Sutherland Springs and the surrounding area is being lifted in prayer by people in South Texas and all over the world.

Friends, neighbors, and strangers have come out to show their support and offer consolation to the tight knit community. One group of young men stayed up most of Sunday night to create a tribute to the victims of the mass shooting.

The men are apprentices at a sheet metal company in La Vernia. They and the owner of the company stayed up late into the night to create metal crosses representing each of the victims who perished in the massacre.

On Monday, they went to an intersection at the entrance of Sutherland Springs and placed the crosses in a line in the ground.

“Just knowing, in a way, you’re helping bring the community back together, to see the stack of metal crosses in line was emotional to see,” said Shelby John, who helped make the crosses. “We’re all family. It doesn’t matter if we’re blood or not, we’re all family. That’s how it should be for everyone in the whole nation.”

John says that they’ll eventually move the tribute crosses closer to the church.