First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs calls themselves a family, not just a congregation. Before every Sunday service, Pastor Frank Pomeroy asks congregants to shake hands and hug one another in "God's house."

In videos from the church's October services, many of the victims of Sunday's massacre can be heard.

"Thank you so much for this fellowship. We have brothers and sisters, God, that can come together and not just worship in your name, but the fellowship. I pray that you bless the fellowship today," said Bryan Holcombe, one of the shooting victims, in a church video.

Holcombe was an associate pastor at the church and was reportedly walking up to the pulpit Sunday when the gunman opened fire.

Dennis Johnson, 77, and his wife Sara Johnson were also killed on Sunday. In a church video, he says that the church saved his life.

"Me and her both got saved at the same time, and I thank God for that day, and he's been good to me and my family. We did all right. We raised all these youngin's and grand youngin's, and I just thank God for it," he said.

Pastor Pomeroy lost his 14 year old daughter, Annabelle. He described their motorcycle rides together in another video.

"We saw the sun coming up, it was kind of funny too because she was cuddled up behind me and when I pointed at the temperature gauge, I felt her snuggle in even tighter," he said.

Now, families and the congregation will use their faith to move forward.