SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Texas - A cold, rainy Sunday morning marked the one-week anniversary of the massacre at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs. Hours before worshippers would come together to pray for the victims, one man drove five hours overnight from Dallas to be there.

"I don't know what I can offer these people or what I can do to help, but I think showing up would mean something," said Chirag Gupta, a Dallas resident.

He wasn't the only one who showed up. On his journey, Gupta met a man named Stephen Hope.

"Just driving up, I saw a man that was carrying a cross here from Fort Worth. I stopped to talk to him, and he said he felt called to come here, too," Gupta said.

Hope said he has walked across the United States for almost ten years carrying his nearly 13 ft. cross "wherever God calls him."

"I'm just spreading a message of love. It's not condemnation. It's just a message that Jesus loves you, cares for you and this is one way he's showing you. [He's] sending people here from all over the country to come and pray," Hope said.