While Vice President Mike Pence was speaking down the road in Floresville, some residents in Sutherland Springs opted to stay put. Griselda Sotelo and her sister-in-law, instead, paid a visit to the 26 crosses near First Baptist Church.

Sotelo lives across the street from the church. She was able to venture out for the first time on Wednesday night. She hasn't been able to leave her home because of the investigation and TV crews near her home. Her first stop, aside from the grocery store, was the memorial that is filled with tokens of love and respect.

Sotelo said that, while they’re devastated, they’re grateful that they were not harmed on Sunday. Wednesday night was a time for them to reflect in private. They left with heavy hearts.

“I don’t know why this happened here in this small town that we have known for so many years,” she said.

Another memorial was set up along Highway 87 near the church. In regards to the crime scene, it is still blocked off with heavy presence from law enforcement. However, First Baptist Church is moving forward with plans to hold a service on Sunday morning.