Leisa Kugler lost her sister in the Sutherland Springs shooting massacre. Luckily, her grandnephew made it out alive.

“When Zachary said, ‘She saved me, she shielded me,’ I said, ‘Yeah, I can believe that,’” Kugler said.

It was no surprise to Leisa Kugler that her sister, Peggy Lynn Warden, died doing what she did best, putting others before herself.

Warden died shielding her grandson Zachary Poston. Kugler says that the two had a very close bond.

“It kind of gave me a little bit of comfort to know her death wasn’t in vain, that she didn't die in vain. She died trying to save the life of somebody that we all love so much, and that does bring us some comfort,” Kugler said.

Poston made it out of the tragedy alive but still has a long road to recovery, physically and mentally.

The 18-year-old has had multiple surgeries. He was shot in both arms and legs, and grazed by a bullet on his side.

“I believe Zachary will be the fighter he’s always has been,” Kugler said. “My sister was a strong person. And that strength was definitely in her grandson too.”

Kugler noted that it's still hard to make sense of it all. She says that she turned on the television from her home in Pennsylvania to see images of her hometown all over the news. She began texting her sister immediately.

“When she didn’t get back to me, I knew for sure that she was gone or she was so injured that she couldn't answer me,” she recalled.

Warden’s final act of love is how Kugler wants the world to remember her sister, as a hero.

“She will be missed everyday forever by all of us,” Kugler said.

To help with Poston's medical expenses, you can visit his GoFundMe page here.