As many as 14 victims of the mass shooting that happened at a church in Sutherland Springs were children. They had friends in schools across South Texas who are now dealing with tremendous loss.

At Floresville ISD schools, two children were killed and three others were injured. At La Vernia ISD, one was killed and three were injured. Stockdale ISD has not received any confirmation that any of their students were affected.

Aside from the schools’ current counselors, all three district have brought in additional grief counselors from other area school districts and those counselors have also provided parents with a list of behaviors to look for as the students start to digest what just happened to their friends and classmates.

Parents are also being given strategies for how they can help their children cope with their emotional needs.

Floresville ISD Superintendent Dr. Sherri Bays said that, for the most part, students have heard about this tragedy either from the news or have heard their parents talk about it. She said that the next step is letting the students know that it’s ok to be sad.

“We’re trying to help them come to terms with the feelings that they’re having and giving them as little information as possible,” Dr. Bays said. They don’t need to know all the details. They just need to know that this is a very sad thing that has happened and it’s ok to cry and that we all deal with these feelings in different ways.”

So far, the districts are not releasing any names or ages of their students involved in the tragedy, not even releasing the grade they were in or the school they went to.