Texas Department of Public Safety investigators said they cannot access the phone of the man who shot and killed 25 people in the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs Sunday.

The agency gave a press conference late Tuesday morning along with officials from the FBI, ATF and the local District Attorney.

Police have identified the shooter as Devin Kelley, 26, of nearby Comal County, Texas, who entered the church late Sunday morning dressed in black tactical gear, walked down the church’s center aisle and opened fire with an assault rifle. He was found shot and killed a short time later in a neighboring county after being pursued by a Good Samaritan.

DPS investigators said they cannot access the suspect’s phone, and it has been sent to an FBI crime lab for further investigation. Officials did not say what type of phone Kelley had or if the manufacturer will be involved in accessing it.

The investigators repeated in Tuesday’s press conference they believe the incident involved a domestic situation within his family, and said it was not racially motivated or over religious beliefs. They added the incident is not being classified as domestic terrorism for that reason.

Investigators said they still were not able to discuss the motive for the shooting. Previously, officials had said Kelley was in conflict with his mother-in-law, who was known to attend that church. However, officials said she was not at church that Sunday.

Also during the press conference, officials said the family of each victim who was killed will receive $6,500 from a crime victim’s fund. Victims who were injured will also receive some funding for their medical expenses.

Officials said they will not officially release the identities of the victims until they receive confirmation from the medical examiner’s office. They expect that to happen Tuesday afternoon or evening.

Investigators expect to finish with the initial crime scene investigation by Wednesday night.