Ted and Ann Montgomery have been going to the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs for 30 years.

“Everybody was family,” said Ted Montgomery.

Over the years, the couple hasn’t missed many sermons, Ted being a deacon and Ann, the Sunday school director.

But this past Sunday, Ann wasn’t feeling well. The couple stayed home. Ted stayed to help his high-school sweetheart, their grandson didn’t go either, he typically tags along.

“They were such wonderful people,” Ann said, “all of them. I’ve cried so much I don’t have any tears left.”

Their little church, as they describe it, is the beacon in the community.

“Our little church is little but it has done so much,” Ann said. “It’s like a little dynamite church. everybody was family.”

The Montgomeries wonder why Sunday, they were not with their church family.

“Even though we weren’t there we’re having the same guilt, why did you spare us God, why,” Ann said.

As to what’s next, and how to do tomorrow, she doesn’t know.

“God’s going to have to show us the next step. First, we have to go one day at a time like he always says. One day at a time sweet Jesus,” she said.

It’s that faith the couple believes will show them the way.

“God spared us for a reason, he’s not done with us, we’ve got work to do. I don’t know what work God’s got for us. I guess he’s going to show me. He’s going to give me the strength to do it. I know he will,” Ann said.

When asked what the country could do for them and their community now, the Montgomeries said, come together and pray.