SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Texas - A 5-year-old boy is fighting for his life after he was shot five times on Sunday in Sutherland Springs while at church.

Ryland Ward's family is anxiously waiting at University Hospital for him to wake up.

On his GoFundMe page, Ryland is described as having a "big heart for his other siblings, friends and family."

Ryland pulled through initial surgery and now lies unconscious in a hospital bed.

"He's five years old, he shouldn't be laying there in that bed," Ryland's uncle said, especially when the fun loving boy is not one to sit still. "He's a character. You don't know him but, little 5-year-old boys, they can be a handful. They're fun, they really are."

Unfortunately, some of Ryland's family didn't make it.

Ryland's stepmother Joann Ward, and two sisters Brooke Ward and Emily Garza were killed in the shooting.

"I hope he's the same after [the shooting] as he was before. That's going to be difficult," his uncle said.