A suspect confessed to robbing a man before killing him and stuffing him in the trunk of his own car, Universal City police said.

Ashton Lomas confessed to the San Antonio Police Department Motor Theft Unit about his involvement in the January murder of Martin Gonzalez. SAPD contacted detectives with the Universal City Police Department. Lomas admitted to killing the Gonzalez and provided details of the materials used to wrap the body, according to the arrest warrant.

Gonzalez's body was found nine days after they said Lomas stuffed his body into the trunk of a car parked at a parking lot in the 500 block of Duke Way in Universal City.

According to the arrest warrant, Lomas stated he and two other men beat Gonzalez and stole his watch, a gold chain and two guns which were in a black safe along with a $40 bill and a small amount of marijuana.

Lomas told officers he was ordered to shoot Gonzalez with a revolver and then helped carry his body and place it into the truck of Gonzalez's vehicle.

Lomas was charged with Capital Murder.

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