SAN ANTONIO - Sara Richford, a suspect being held in connection with the shooting of a postal worker, was denied bond Thursday.

There were some tense moments in a San Antonio federal courtroom.

A judge ordered Richford to be held in custody without bond until trial.

The judge also became frustrated and postponed the detention hearing for Piper Lee, who is a suspect in connection with this shooting, citing "wrong charges."

While Lee remains in custody, it is not clear whether he could be released on bond before the case goes to trial.

On the official criminal complaint against Lee it claims on Feb. 11, he assaulted a postal worker.

The problem is, prosecutors and witnesses can't prove Lee was even at the crime scene.

“He obviously had nothing to do with the events [on Feb.11]” said Judge John Primomo.

Prosecutors believe Bradley A'Hearn and Sara Richford are the ones who shot a postal worker near Spring Branch on Feb. 11.

Sara Richford mug shot (PHOTO: BCSO)

Richford was already on felony probation.

Last week, A'Hearn was also ordered to be held without bond.

Prosecutors believe Lee, who was out on bond for a drug case, got involved on Feb. 14.

Investigators said Lee fired shots at officers during a pursuit that ran near MacArthur High, Loop 410 and Broadway, and ended at North Star Mall.

"I think that this was a kind of whirlwind when these people came into his life and he's probably concerned about the decisions he's made, but he definitely wants to move forward," said Lee's attorney, Don Flanary.

Piper Lee mug shot (PHOTO: BCSO)

Lee's parents were in the courtroom for the hearing, but did not want to say anything about the allegations.

Prosecutors plan to revise their complaint against Lee so a detention hearing can resume. It's unclear what charges he could face.

Investigators also revealed Thursday that a search of Lee's apartment uncovered a large amount of stolen mail, parts of an apartment complex mail box, and a stolen passport.

So far, no charges have been filed against him for any of that.

Federal prosecutors are expected to submit a revised complaint to the judge regarding Lee's case before the judge can set a new hearing date.

A'Hearn, whose face was covered in scratches and scabs in a previous court appearance, also claims San Antonio Police officers slammed his head on the concrete when they arrested him outside the Sunset Inn Motel near Roosevelt and Steves avenues.

Bradley A'Hearn mugshot (PHOTO: BCSO)

He was denied bond Feb. 23, and is set to remain in custody until trial.

He's also suspected of causing a scare at North Star Mall when police said he is accused of driving into a parking garage and ran off.

The postal worker survived the shooting, as KENS 5 previously reported.