The San Antonio Police Department is accusing 34-year-old Stephanie Carmona, who works at a middle school, of continuous sexual abuse of a child.

SAPD says that the victim is a 13-year-old boy that she was mentoring.

Authorities have not released the name of the school for which Carmona worked.

Police say that the abuse had been going on for several months, starting when Carmona befriended the victim’s mother and invited him to stay the night at her place, where she would have sex with him.

According to police, they believe that the victim’s mother found out about the abuse when she saw text messages from Carmona on his phone.

Police say that the school has been notified about the arrest and that they are continuing their investigation to see if there were any other victims.

Because this first-degree felony is continuous sexual abuse of a child, if convicted, Carmona would face a minimum of 25 years in prison.