Ashley Martinez, 21, is recovering Friday at University Hospital after being hit by a car Wednesday near I-10 and De Zavala Road. The entire incident was caught on the dash cam of a nearby car.

The video shows two people, Martinez and her boyfriend, skateboarding down De Zavala Road when suddenly a gray car hits Martinez and drags her nearly 15 feet. In the video, you can see her boyfriend running back and pounding on the car window to get the driver to stop. As Martinez rolls out from under the car, the driver takes off.

"I just remember skating and that's it, and then being in the ambulance and them sticking me with needles," Martinez recalled.

Martinez has almost a dozen fractures, severe bruising, and says that she's in intense pain.

"I've been doing some exercising with my therapist, walking. I made it to the hallway today. Yesterday, I just made it to the door," she described.

On Friday, the driver of the gray car was nowhere to be found.

"How can a human know that they ran over someone and just take off like that, like nothing, like it was a possum or rat on the road? And it's not, it was a human, it was a person, it was my daughter," said Adriana Gutierrez, Martinez's mother.

Doctors have told Martinez that it will take six weeks to recover. She says that she's grateful to be alive.

"I've been trying to be happy and positive and laugh because that's the only thing that can probably help," she said.

SAPD says they were able to get a license plate and description of the car from the witness who had the dashcam video. When they find the driver, they say that the person will be charged with failure to stop and render aid.