According to police, five people that were arrested on Friday, including a juvenile, are linked to a series of burglaries throughout San Antonio.

On Friday morning, the San Antonio Police Department was called to the scene of an attempted car theft. SAPD says that two were arrested on scene; one had a gun. Three other individuals fled in a stolen car.

Police say that the three suspects fled to Nacogdoches Gold and Silver Exchange, where they had broken in and were stealing from there. A silent alarm was triggered, notifying police to their presence, and they were arrested on scene.

"This was a great, great effort by dog watch officers, detectives, and then daylight joined in and assisted on the investigation. It was a fantastic effort by those detectives and officers." SAPD Chief William McManus said. "We believe that we have at least 50 cases of burglary that we can connect these individuals to... A lot of cases will be closed through the great work of these detectives."