San Antonio police are calling it an epidemic.

Thieves are breaking into several clusters of mailboxes in neighborhoods on the northwest side. Since it's happening more frequently, police are urging everyone to check their mail daily.

On Friday, police posted a photo of mailboxes all broken into with the doors left open. Police report that this is happening in neighborhoods near 1604 and Bandera Road.

Ed Puente, who lives in a gated-community in that same area in Helotes, said that a mailman told him that thieves are getting into mailboxes with tools like a screwdriver. Puente's mailbox was hit two weeks ago. He said that he went to check on something his wife ordered and when he got to the box, it was already open.

"This is happening real late at night when nobody is around because really this a good neighborhood," he said. "And most people know if they don't see something that is not right, they are going to pull over and say, 'Hey, what's going on here?'"

He added that they're now more cautious and reported the issue to the postal office. You can report thefts of mail to the postal inspector at 1-800-275-8777.