SAN ANTONIO -- Police tracked down two carjacking suspects about a month after the crime.

Deana Diaz, 26, and Jose Sanchez, 34, were arrested in connection with the Oct. 5 incident.

The San Antonio Police Department said Diaz used her friendship with the victim to get into his room at the Four Points hotel in the 8800 block of Jones Maltsberger Road.

Police said Diaz and Sanchez accused the victim of stealing a vehicle as a "set up" to take his car.

The victim reportedly told police that Sanchez showed him a gun in his waistband. The two suspects also took the victim's car keys and cut of his access to the hotel phone.

Police said the victim's vehicle was recovered eight days later, along with a gun matching the description of the one Sanchez had at the hotel. The victim also found paperwork with Sanchez's name on it, according to SAPD.

Diaz and Sanchez face aggravated robbery charges in connection with this incident.