The Rocha family's fight for justice continues. They aren't giving up on the hope of finding the killer of their loved one, Aaron Rocha.

November 26, 2016 is a date his mom, Lori Rocha, won't ever forget.

"I will live with this the rest of my life grieving for my son," she said.

Her son Aaron was shot in the head two days after Thanksgiving. He was a passenger in a car on his way home.

"Someone pulled out a gun, randomly, and shot at the car," she said. "My son was killed."

One year later, there are no hard leads. The case is still open and police suspect random road rage.

Investigators believe that the suspects were driving a vehicle similar to a Toyota Camry. His mom faithfully stands in the area of where it happened on Huebner Road between Bitters and Van Jackson.

"It is all I can do," she said. "It is all that is possible for a mother to do."

She wants to keep his face and story out there. She says that someone knows something.

"Whoever this is is a highly dangerous armed person," Rocha said. "And I am sure they are still driving out there on these streets."

Aaron's family and friends lean on faith. They shared memories of him at a memorial on Sunday. Lori's faith is what motivates her to keep fighting.

"It is the only thing," she said. "He strengths me to live and to keep seeking justice for my son, and honor my son."

If you know anything about Rocha's murder, contact Crime-Stoppers at 210-224-STOP. You can remain anonymous and could possibly receive a $5,000 reward.