"It haunts me every day," she said. "I always ask, why. Why did it have to be him?"

A year later, Lisa Benavides still asks that question.

On November 25, 2016, Isidro Zarate and Benavides went to Walmart. He dropped her off at the front and waited in the car. However, when she came out, she saw the unthinkable. This is what she told KENS 5 last year:

"So I started running. I went underneath the line and somebody told me you can't go back there because it's a crime scene," she recalled. "I just ran and the officer just caught me. I just broke down and I couldn't believe that it was my husband."

Zarate was being a good Samaritan. He tried to help a woman believed to be a domestic abuse victim. The woman's alleged abuser shot and killed him.

"It hasn't gotten any easier," Benavides said.

She said that her faith and family is what has helped her move forward. One of the four sons pays a visit to his dad's grave every day.

"He was always there for kids," she said. "He would always joke around, and play around."

On Friday, the family comforted one another at the San Fernando Cemetery III. They said a prayer over Zarate's grave and released balloons.

"We are never going to forget about him," she said. "He is always going to be in our hearts. We are always going to remember the good times we had together."

Zarate's accused killer, 22-year-old Teles Juarez, is still locked up. He's charged with murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The family says that his trial will begin in mid-February, and all they want is justice.