One man is dead after pulling a shotgun on officers who were executing a search warrant at a home on Vickers Avenue on the southwest side of San Antonio.

Police entered the home to serve a narcotics search warrant when they said they were met by a Hispanic man in his 30s pointing a sawed-off shotgun at them. The man didn't shoot, but officers fired one round that hit him in his torso and killed him, according to the San Antonio Police Department.

People living in the area describe it as a quiet place to live, but Amalia Brcno said a recent increase in foot traffic on Vickers Avenue has led her to worry. However, she never thought it would escalate into something like this.

“Right now, I walk the streets so I can see sometimes the guys are outside drinking a little beer,” Brcno said. “The police start passing here more because sometimes they call and check. But they don’t find nothing.”

That wasn’t the case this time, though. Inside of the home, officers said that they found five other people who they took into custody for questioning.

"I was scared,” Brcno said. “I'm worried about the other people.”

Brcno added that the incident has put her on edge. She hopes that police will increase their presence in the area to deter any further criminal activity.

“Tell the sheriff and police to come sometimes just to check,” Brcno said. “Right now it's going to be a lot of people getting mad, a lot of problems.”

SAPD said that all proper procedures were followed upon entering the home. Investigators have not yet released the name of the man who is now deceased.