An officer-involved shooting on the southwest side of San Antonio has sent one person to the hospital, according to the San Antonio Police Department.

The shooting happened on the 700 block of Briggs.

SAPD received a call of an attempted suicide in progress, which is why the officers came to the scene. The father of the suspect who was shot told police that the suspect, his son, was attempting to commit suicide by pouring gasoline on himself.

Chief McManus described how all four made their way upstairs, where there was a struggle on the floor between the father and son. He said that an officer attempted to use a Tazer on the suspect but it didn’t work and that when the suspect got up, he was wielding a “10-inch blade, a butcher knife.”

McManus said that the suspect charged at the officers with a knife in a small space and that’s when the officers fired at the suspect.

First responders transferred the suspect to SAMMC and, after undergoing surgery, is in stable condition.

Chief McManus noted that SAPD had been called to the address 19 times in the past year and that the suspect had been emergency detained three times. Emergency detainment involves a mental health evaluation with a doctor.

Here is what Chief McManus told the media from the scene of the shooting courtesy of the SAPD Facebook page:

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