EDITOR'S NOTE: In an earlier version of this report, KENS 5 reported on armed patrols by residents in the Oaks of Cobblestone neighborhood. Since the report aired, Cobblestone HOA board member Richard Gorman has informed us that he is not a member of those patrols.

Three men have taken the security of their northwest community into their own hands starting an armed neighborhood patrol. Amateurs using real ammunition, but many of their neighbors aren't too happy they're walking around with assault rifles.

There are no set times for the patrols, but three men in the community are walking around with guns, which is legal. These three men don't want to be identified, but they are certainly on their neighbors' radar.

Stefan Kaiser almost died on September 28. He was sitting in his garage with the door open late at night when, he says, two men approached him.

“One guy asked for a beer and cigarette, and I told him basically, forgive the humor, ‘Do I look like HEB?’” Kaiser recalled.

Next thing he knows, Kaiser was struggling with the men over his gun. It had been laying on the floor the whole time.

“We had multiple sets of hands on the weapon and, at some point, the guy with the gray warmup suit surprised me at that particular moment that the gun discharged,” Kaiser said.

The bullet hit Kaiser’s shoulder and scared the two men away.

Kaiser's shooting is the most serious crime at the Oaks at Cobblestone community on the northwest side. Recently, there's also been some car break-ins and other vandalism.

Many neighbors didn't want to go on camera, but told KENS 5 that they're uneasy about three men who are patrolling the community with guns.

Kaiser says he believes in the Second Amendment, but is only okay with the armed patrols if they know what the law allows them to do and not do.

“If they don't, then they don't need to be patrolling,” Kaiser said. “That's my opinion pure and simple.”

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office is working with the homeowners association to try to train the men as much as possible so that they understand what they are allowed to do.

As for Kaiser, he spoke to detectives on Friday who are trying to track down the two suspects.