At the spot where the two San Antonio officers were shot Thursday afternoon, people who live and work nearby are reacting with tears and tributes.

Annette Flores invested part of her day in making a wreath to place at the spot where San Antonio Police Officer Miguel Moreno suffered a deadly attack.

"When you see a grown man cry? I saw one officer really lose it yesterday, and I reached over and I just said, ‘Can I give you a hug?’ And he said yes. You know how much they care about each other," Flores recalled.

Flores said that she and her neighbors who witnessed the senseless assault are shaken and sad and coming up with ways to cope with what they saw. Flores went to the store and bought white carnations and a blue wreath.

While working on her tribute, she agreed that making something beautiful gives her a sense of comfort.

“I know they have the memorial going at headquarters, but he deserves another memorial. Both officers deserve another memorial right here where it all happened,” Flores said.

As Flores worked, a new blue flag with a thin blue line fluttered overhead, a tribute from bike officers. A woman who brought a small floral arrangement did not want to be identified but, through tears, she talked about her feelings of loss.

“I saw the bicycle officers putting up the flag for their fallen officer, their brother," she said. "They rode up and, together, as brothers, put the flag up there. And it made me want to go get something special for the officer that had passed away. It's just beautiful.”

The woman said that seeing the flag inspired her to add her own tribute.

“My heart just is broken because of him not being able to go home to the ones he loves,” the woman said.

As a slow, steady stream of cars passed, people came to pay their respects, and the tributes, large and small, kept coming.

Flores summed up her thoughts with this:

“It's very tragic and very heartbreaking yesterday in our community because we don't often see crime like this in our community.”