Faustino Vasquez was sentenced to life in prison for the shooting and killing of a father of three.

The victim’s sister told KENS 5 that there’s no amount of time that could bring closure or peace, and losing her brother is something the family is still learning to live with one year after his murder.

Vasquez, 34, showed little emotion inside the courtroom on Wednesday afternoon. In March of 2015, Vasquez got kicked out of 210 Kapone’s night club only to return and open fire at a crowd outside.

A bullet struck bar owner Pete Gonzales, a 45-year-old husband and father, in the back.

“It took no amount of being a man to pull that trigger. What my brother did, he got up every day and worked hard for his children. That’s a man,” Felisha Gonzales said in court.

Gonzales leaves behind two twin daughters who are 6 years old. His son celebrated his 11th birthday on Friday.

“When they said he was already gone, my son knew and my son wanted to die with him,” said Sylvia Fernandez, the mother of Gonzales’s children. “They would cry for him. It’s almost like, ‘Ok, we don’t wanna play this game anymore. We want our daddy back now.’”

Vasquez has a long record of crime, including domestic violence and sexual assault of a child.

“My kids don’t act a certain way no more,” said Kimberly Sandoval, who was married to Gonzales. “He was a heavy influence on my children. So now I don’t have to worry at night about anything happening to us.”

Vasquez will be eligible for parole in 30 years.

“Today isn’t the end of it,” Gonzales’s sister said. “We still have days, months, years, and the rest of our lives to see these children grow up and not have a dad work for them the way my brother worked for them.”

The family of Pete Gonzales has since started a non-profit to offer support to others dealing with a similar loss. For more information, you can visit the official website or Facebook page.