SAN ANTONIO -- A San Antonio man is facing charges after he was accused of robbing a pizza delivery driver at gunpoint.

According to information in an affidavit for arrest warrant, Buford McNarry Allen, 33, of San Antonio, was arrested Monday by police and charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon in connection with an incident that happened Oct. 22.

Police said that a pizza delivery driver was returning to his vehicle after delivering a pizza to an apartment complex on Cable Ranch Road when he was approached by Allen.

An affidavit states that Allen pointed a handgun at the driver and demanded his keys, wallet and cell phone. Fearing for his life, the delivery driver handed over the property and walked away as he was instructed to do so by Allen. Allen then escaped in the vehicle.

Detectives arrived and found the victim’s crushed cell phone in the bushes, a block away from the robbery scene. Fingerprints were lifted from the phone, which led to the identification of Allen as a suspect.

Six days later the victim's abandoned vehicle was recovered on Sally Gay Avenue. Allen was reportedly found two miles away, sleeping at the corner of Pine and Schley Avenue. He was placed under arrest on an unrelated warrant and taken to jail. He later confessed to the robbery of the delivery driver.