SAN ANTONIO -- A police sketch of the Medical Center rape suspect caused one man to be harassed as he walked to work in the area over the past few weeks.

Gerard Allen, 24, said he's been getting attention he doesn't deserve.

"I've had people slow down while walking to work and take pictures of me," Allen said.

That attention started while the rape suspect was still on the loose, but it hasn't ended yet despite last week's arrest of 18-year-old Anton Harris.

Allen walks his usual route from work every night in the Medical Center area.

"One time I was standing at a bus stop and someone threw a rock at me," he said.

Friends, strangers and police were suspicious that Allen might be the man sexually assaulting women in the Medical Center area.

The man shown in the police sketch even was wearing a black hoodie like the one Allen wears every day.

Harris, who just graduated from Marshall High School, was arrested last week and accused of the crimes. Police say he has confessed to his involvement in multiple rape cases.

Several weeks before the arrest, Allen said police showed up where he works.

"They took a mouth swab," Allen said, "and they asked a lot of questions, just trying to see who I was."

Allen said he was relieved to hear about the arrest and he doesn't hold any grudges to all those who thought he was the person in the sketch.

"I tried to let it go," he said. "They were just trying to find the right guy."