SAN ANTONIO - A man was sentenced to 35 years in jail Thursday after he was convicted of a 28-year-old woman's murder on Christmas Day 2014.

Benjamin Poehlmann, 34, was convicted of shooting and killing Roxann Sanchez at his home in northeast San Antonio.

Poehlmann's sister, who also lived at the home, said she heard a loud noise and found Sanchez's lifeless body on the floor. Poehlmann was also out of his wheelchair crying, according to his sister.

His sister told authorities Poehlmann and Sanchez "were always fighting." Police also found Poehlmann lying on the ground next to the victim when they arrived.

Poehlmann testified during the punishment phase of his trial that there was not a disagreement the morning of her death and claimed that he was just "cleaning his gun when it went off."

He was previously convicted of felony possession of a firearm in 2006 and 2009.

Police had also reportedly responded to Poehlmann's home after his sister reported hearing gunshots in July 2014, before the murder ocurred.

While firearms were recovered from his home at this time, he reportedly admitted that he bought another firearm.

Sanchez left behind four young children.