Knocks on the door of a home on Fallow Drive in Kerrville went unanswered on Wednesday. It’s one of the last places neighbors say they saw 19-year-old Andrew Henckel before left for Lynwood, Washington, where he’s accused of killing his 6-year-old nephew, Dayvid Pakko.

“It’s hard to believe,” neighbor Joyce Braden said. “I don’t know. You just don’t believe it.”

“That is troubling. That does make me uneasy, a lot uneasy,” neighbor Judy Gaston added.

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The Kerrville neighborhood that watched Henckel play basketball with his brother like any other teenager couldn’t believe the details.

Dayvid, a first-grader said to be on the autism spectrum, was kept home sick from school on Monday and was left in Henckel’s care. That afternoon, the young boy was reported missing.

After hours of search on foot and in the sky, his body was found Tuesday morning near his home. Authorities say that Henckel admitted to drowning his nephew in a bathtub and leaving his body in a dumpster.

“I’m still shocked. I’m still shocked,” Gaston said. “I can’t imagine that he knew what he was doing.”

Henckel is in police custody.

Neighbors say that they feel for the family who has lost not just one, but two loved ones.

“I hope that they can go forward with this and that he can get help,” Gaston said. “I just feel so bad for his sister, who’s lost her child. We’re all in shock but if we can do anything for them, I definitely will.”