A video, introduced in the trial of two former SAPD officers accused of conning women into sex, shows an investigator accuse one of the defendants of lying about his actions.

“You are not being honest. You are hiding things,” a Texas Ranger investigator says to Alejandro Chapa in the video.

“I don’t know anything about that! I don’t know the girls! I don’t know what’s happening!” Chapa retorts to the investigator.

Chapa and Emmanuel Galindo are accused of inventing a sting operation in which they hired women for a lucrative and false covert job involving sex acts.

On Thursday, the jury saw messages between the two in which they discuss plans to fake an arrest in order to make the operation seem more legitimate, even referring to some of the women by name.

The defense noted that forensics examiners didn’t find anything incriminating on their external hard drives, only legal internet content. They’re arguing that any sex that occurred was consensual, pointing out that none of the alleged victims were actually paid money.