Just a few hours after and a few miles away from Sunday's deadly smuggling operation, ICE investigators busted another human trafficking operation.

It happened at a home in the 100 block of Westhaven.

The two events are not related to one another, but an ICE spokesman said that agents conducting an independent gang investigation found 11 undocumented immigrants in the house.

A spokesman with the San Antonio Housing Authority confirms that the tenant living in the home is a client in the section 8 housing program, meaning that they have been receiving public money to help pay their rent. SAHA is looking into the matter.

Neighbors were hesitant to comment on the record but one man said that he was surprised when federal agents shattered the door and windows of the home. Neighbors also said that people have been coming and going at odd hours from the house for a long time, yet not a single call was made to San Antonio police about suspicious activity at the home all year.

Several neighbors said that they were just too afraid to complain.

An ICE spokesman said that two men were arrested: Jesus Martinez (a Mexican citizen) and Ismael Benavidez (an American citizen).

Both are charged with transporting and harboring undocumented aliens and both will have preliminary hearings in federal court in early August.

Meanwhile, ICE is processing the people found in the house.