A man is in Bexar County Jail charged with raping a young girl and he recorded the whole thing, according to police.

Officials say that the mother found the images and video of Jose Gonzalez raping her daughter in a deleted folder. The folder is common in smartphones like iPhones and on tablets, and saves recently deleted photos for up to 29 days.

The folder was created to help users recover accidentally deleted pictures, but on Sunday it helped a mother expose an accused rapist.

Lindsey Welch said that she has been a victim of sexual assaulted and knows how difficult it can be to speak out.

"I don't know what prompted [the mother] to do that but I'm glad that that was there because who knows how long this has been going on," Welch said.

She added that the technology could have saved the young girl from further trauma.

KENS 5 IT expert Chris Groves says that it’s common for deleted photos and videos, or those that are hidden, to leave traces.

He said that if parents are suspicious of something going on, they can take a few simple steps like checking the photos app where they can find a hidden photos folder and the recently deleted photos folder.

Groves said that there is also a calculator app parents need to look out for where pictures and videos can be hidden. He said that if you see two calculators on a phone or tablet, it’s likely that one is fake.