SAN ANTONIO -- A homeowner was forced to watch as two burglars break into his house and run off with a carload of stuff just seconds before police arrived on the scene.

Bryce Harlow says that he was at work when his security camera sent him a notification. He was able to tune in live on his phone as a man wearing a Spurs shirt knocked on the door, looked around for a bit, then started kicking in the deadbolt.

“I was looking at him, it looked like he was kind of doing some sketchy stuff,” Harlow recalled. “As soon as he started testing the door to see how strong it was, I called the police.”

Harlow says that he was on the phone with dispatch when the door finally gave. Security camera footage shows the man race inside while another man, presumably an accomplice, saunters in to assist.

Footage from a security cam hidden inside his living room shows the first man starting to grab things.

"They took electronics mostly: laptop, TV,” Harlow noted.

A neighbor's security cam caught the burglar and an accomplice screeching off in a white Nissan Pathfinder.
It was only 18 seconds later that police pulled up.

"They were in the house for two minutes [and] ten seconds,” Harlow said. “[The police] almost got there in time. It took them only two minutes to get there.”

The odd part, says Hawlow, is that his outdoor security cam is clearly visible. In fact, he says that the man who kicked in the door looked at it before breaking in.

Now he hopes that the images from that footage will help lead police to those responsible.

Those with any information are encouraged to call SAPD at 210-207-7273.