The congregation at one of San Antonio's most historic churches is on edge after burglars broke into it in the middle of the night.

In the wee hours of December 22, right before Christmas, someone forced their way inside.

"They pushed the deadbolt lock back and they wedged themselves through our front doors," said Paul Wilkinson of New Light Baptist Church.

They made their way through the pews despite an alarm system blasting, taking the very things that enhance the church's worship service every Sunday.

"Apparently it was more than one person because they took two large speakers and they also took an amplifier and they left before the police got here," Pastor Wilkinson said.

The oldest black Baptist church in San Antonio, New Light has been a cornerstone in the community for 147 years and a second home to Pastor Wilkinson, who has attended all his life.

"I think the greater thing that it took from us was the sense of security," Pastor Wilkinson said. "When we think about how secure we are, the truth of the matter is we don't know, but we just know that God is still in charge and that God is still going to protect us."

Pastor Wilkinson said being victims of this crime will only make their praise and their prayers louder.

"We're not intimidated, we're going to continue to worship, we're going to continue to praise God," Pastor Wilkinson said. "We are praying for whoever it is that violated us. We certainly lift them up in prayer and we pray that the Lord will change their hearts."