Houston police have two bank robbery suspects in custody after a wild high-speed chase that reportedly reached speeds of 100 miles an hour.

When the suspects finally bailed out of their car, police say they tried to carjack a disabled man parked next to them. The victim was shooting video when the suspect put a gun in his face.

The man's son, Jose Mora, was outside the car videotaping the chase and couldn't believe it when they suddenly stopped and jumped out.

CRAZY VIDEO: Victim shoots video of his own carjacking!

"I see the car just do a U-turn," Mora said. "He ended up stopping and trying to reach for our car," Mora said.

Mora jumped into action and tackled the suspect. A cop then ran up and cuffed him.

"I didn't hesitate from trying to stop it, protect my family," Mora said.

"Very heroic action. Very proud of him," said HPD Capt. L.J. Satterwhite.

The other guy ran away but police tracked him down after a brief search.

Raw: Suspect tackled after high-speed chase

The chase started in Bellaire, went through downtown and Midtown and ended in north Houston near the Heights.

"It was a very dangerous situation. We knew they were armed," said the HPD officer.

They were going so fast that police lost them a couple of times.

The driver hit three cars during the chase, two of them near the Burger King and Home Depot on the North Loop.

They kept going with blown tires and smoke and sparks pouring out from the car.

In the Heights, the driver went the wrong way on a one-way street and sped through a residential area.

Raw: Chase suspects hit two vehicles

They finally pulled over in front of a church near I-45 and Enid in the Lindale area.

Police recovered two bags tossed by the suspects when they bailed.

The chase started at an Amegy Bank in the 5300 block of Bissonnet. The suspects barged in with guns drawn and demanded money. A terrified employee hiding under her desk called police.

Bellaire police began chasing them and Houston police joined them.

The suspects.were driving a stolen black Mercedes with paper tags on the back. Police believe they may be connected to other crimes.

They haven't been identified.

No one was hurt during the chase, police said.

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