A bandit with a hankering for health products and fit foods has struck several businesses on the northwest side.

The businesses are now determined to catch him and have banded together to offer a reward for his arrest.

“They thought it was a joke that someone had broken into the shop,” said Jessica Cardenas, the owner of the Lions Den, which offers catered meal preps, dietary supplements, and a workout gym.

She didn’t think it was a laughing matter when an unwanted visitor broke a sweat and a window on Sunday.

“The next thing you know, he throws a rock through [the door],” she described. “It ricocheted throughout and then he kicks the glass all the way in.”

The man was caught on camera.

“And then he walks back out, he’s walking, and then he looks up, sees our camera, and then he turns and picks up our TV,” said Cardenas, who added that she wasn’t the only victim. “We ended up finding out from friends of ours that Jugo’s Juicery, Milano’s, Pam’s Kitchen, Pam’s Kitchen, I think the seamstress there, and then the dry cleaner’s, they all got broken into.”

“We definitely want him to be caught and justice to be served, but I’m not one to sit here and say what the punishment should be,” said Brandis Hurt with Complete Nutrition. “I feel violated and I’m fearful. I’m not one to judge him or why he’s doing this, but I need to make sure my girls here know that they’re protected.

If you recognize the man in the video, call police.

Jugo’s Juicery and the Lions Den are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.