A piece of rock and roll history vanished from the Hard Rock Cafe. But, now a bigger mystery surrounds just where it was found.

It was found really close to the crime scene, a four-minute walk from the restaurant. Even though it has been returned, the GM says it won't be going back up on Friday.

Musician Glen Mead knows about guitars like the one taken.

"It blows my mind that it even walked out of the Hard Rock, but it happens," he said.

Mead said that the Frankenstrat was Eddie Van Halen's most well-known guitar as he used it in the early years.

In the wee hours of Friday morning, police were at the Hard Rock Cafe trying to figure out where the guitar went. At one point, the manager noticed a display case was missing from the wall, and inside was the signed guitar by Eddie Van Halen valued at more than $100,000.

Van Halen donated it in 2004.

"So if you consider that it is an original work of art, it makes sense that it would be worth a lot of money because the original artist painted it," Mead said.

Just after 8 a.m. Friday, there was a break in the case. A good Samaritan found the guitar along the River Walk and returned it.

Surveillance video is going to be key. Hard Rock is looking through its security footage to give to police. At this point, SAPD doesn't have a description of the suspect or suspects. They could face a theft charge based on the value of the guitar. Hard Rock told KENS 5 in a statement that it is working with authorities on the investigation.