Two former San Antonio police officers are on trial this week. Emmanuel Galindo and Alejandro Chapa are both accused of coming up with a fake undercover operation designed to lure women into having sex with them.

They are no longer officers with the San Antonio Police Department, but the pair are accused of victimizing 25 women in 2015. According to prosecutors, they came up with a false operation that helped them con women into having sex.

One of those women took the stand on Tuesday.

“I kept in my mind that my mother needed a kidney, so I proceeded to take a shot because he told me to,” the young woman told jurors.

In her testimony she claimed getting drunk was part of the test administered by the officer, which was done in the woman's home. Prosecution said the officers offered to pay up to $5,000 a day if the women qualified.

The victim also testified that she was asked to drink shots while performing dances for the officer, some of sexual nature, and other physical tasks like push-ups.

During her encounter with former Officer Emmanuel Galindo, the woman recalls that she blacked out after getting drunk and woke up to realize that she was naked with Galindo. She told the court how she tried to take her life after she realized what happened.

“I found codeine and I opened the bottle, and I tried to overdose with the whole bottle,” she said.

The officers resigned from their positions with SAPD in 2015. Testimonies were delivered Wednesday at the Bexar County Courthouse.