Police are still looking for a driver who hit a pedestrian on the northwest side of town on April 3 and kept driving.

John Sanchez, 20, is home from the hospital now and is doing okay. But his father, Ruben Sanchez, is speaking out, saying the accident could have been prevented.

"It all happened so fast," Sanchez said. "The person never bothered to slow down or stop, just kept on going as if nothing ever happened."

Sanchez was walking home from dinner with his son when a driver hit John from behind.

"I turned back and I saw my son on the ground screaming and in pain," he recalled.

It happened around 10 p.m. last Monday on East Broadview Dr. off Bandera Road. Sanchez said that his son landed on some nearby bushes, causing swelling, cuts, and bruises.

John is home from the hospital now but his father fears this could happen to someone else.

"It's real dark here at night," he noted. "It's hard for anybody to see. So if you're not paying attention, there's a good chance you're not going to see anybody walking."

Sanchez said that the dark street, paired with a low sidewalk curb, oftentimes causes drivers to drive on the sidewalk to avoid speed bumps.

"If the sidewalk was a little bit higher, like the others, these people wouldn't be driving on top of the sidewalks," he said.

He's hoping police find the person responsible.

"If that person was texting and driving, or drinking, they need to realize that there are consequences," he said.

Anyone who may have seen anything in the Broadview Dr. area on the night of April 3 should contact the San Antonio Police Department or Crime Stoppers.