Crime continues to plague the east side as police are investigating a homicide that happened on the 200 block of Upland Drive near a church.

Police say that a black man in his 20s was found dead by someone passing by just before midnight on Monday. Neighbors told police that they heard several gunshots. When police arrived on scene, they found casings from different caliber weapons.

"We're located between the Walzem Road area and then further across the bridge where a lot of crime begins," said Pastor Andrew Roberts of Eastwood Community Baptist Church. "Then sometimes it finds its way here."

The victim was gunned down only steps away from Roberts's church.

"When I was a kid, we wouldn't even walk by the church and use profanity because we were trained to respect the church," Pastor Roberts recalled. "Now, times are so much different."

The victim was hit at least twice, according to police. He was shot once in the chest and once on the hand. He has yet to be identified.

The pastor says that it's up to the entire community to put an end to the violence.

"It's going to take more than the police, it's going to take more than the people in the church," Pastor Roberts said. "This thing is all about getting people energized enough to confront one another with a handshake and not with confrontation."