Neighbors spoke, and the city listened. Residents say that a near north-side home riddled with crime was finally demolished after months and months of complaints.

People are relieved yet shocked that the house and the homeowners are gone.

Dirt and driveway are all that's left.

Officials say the house was without water and electricity for about a year and was used as a haven for narcotics.

The City Attorney's office, Code Compliance (Dangerous Assessment Response Team), SAFD, EMS, and the SAPD Mental Health Unit worked to demolish the house on Monday.

"We called it the 'House of Poison'," one neighbor said.

Several neighbors noted that this is a step in the right direction for the Olmos Park Terrace neighborhood, but there's still lots of work to do.

"You know when you put out poison for rats or ants or something? The animals take the poison back to where they live," one neighbor said. "It seems like the robberies and the bad people were creeping all over our neighborhood."

A neighbor who spoke with us anonymously says that she feels safer now that the house on the 100 block of West Wildwood is gone.

"I saw so many people go in and out and I used to joke, it was like a clown car where the clowns go in the back and come out the front and keep coming out," she said.

Within the last year, San Antonio Police had 59 calls for service to 137 W. Wildwood. Callers reported narcotics involvement, wanted persons, theft, assault, and family violence.

"The property was darted because of the drug activity," San Antonio District 1 City Councilman Roberto Trevino said.

Trevino knocked on the door of the home in question and said there was very little response from the ownership.

"We did see that there was a public safety concern," he said. "[Neighbors] are trying to protect their quality of life."

Councilman Trevino says that the city creates safeguards to protect homes from demolition and that tearing down a property is a last resort.

"We exhausted every potential opportunity to try to address this," the councilman said. "We have programs to try and save homes. We have resources available."

No telling what's to come of the vacant lot. Neighbors hope that this will help push crime off of their street.

"If we all work together, things can be done faster," one neighbor said. "I think many of us ignored it for a while and it kept getting worse and worse."

If your neighborhood is dealing with a similar situation, Councilman Trevino says to tell neighbors to call police and code compliance to voice their concerns. From there, city officials will try to work with the property owner to resolve any issues.

It's a lengthy and complex process, but Trevino says that it's a good place to start.

The San Antonio Police Department's non-emergency line is 210-207-7273 and San Antonio Code Compliance can be reached at 210-207-5466.