A former nurse, turned convicted child killer is heading back to court.

Genene Jones is facing five new charges for the deaths of children in her care.

Jones will be back in San Antonio in the 399th District Court on Thursday morning for her first arraignment since being indicted on five new charges of murder.

She will make her plea for each indictment.

"The families of these young children have been waiting for this moment for close to 35 years," said Nico LaHood, Bexar County District Attorney:

Jones was sent to prison in 1985 for the murder of Chelsea McClellan.

Investigators say the former San Antonio and Kerrville nurse intentionally gave the toddler an overdose of muscle relaxers.

Jones was projected to be released from prison in March due to overcrowding.

She's now in the Bexar County Jail until the newest charges are settled.

But District Attorney Nico LaHood says with five new murder charges, Jones is not going anywhere.

"My goal is that she takes her last breath behind bars. That she meets the Lord from behind bars. That's my goal. That's justice, justice calls for that," said LaHood.

The new indictments are for the deaths of Richard Nelson in July 1981, Rosemary Vega in September 1981, Paul Villarreal, also in September 1981, Joshua Sawyer in December 1981 and Patrick Zavala in January 1982.

All five children died from substances injected in their bodies.

"You can't help but think about what would they be doing today. Would they have children? Would there be grandchildren in the family? We can speculate all we want but we know that is a reality that will never come to fruition," said LaHood.

LaHood says he has not ruled out the possibility of a plea deal for Jones, but it will all depend on how she pleas Thursday morning and whether she admits guilt.

LaHood would not disclose details of a possible plea deal, but when asked by a reporter if a 20-year sentence would be considered, LaHood said he would seek a longer sentence.