The Comal County Sheriff's Office is taking community policing to the next level by allowing neighbors to help them solve crimes.

Their new program is called C.A.P.T.U.R.E. and stands for Community and Police Team Up to Record Evidence. Neighbors and businesses can voluntarily register their private home surveillance cameras with the sheriff's office to help catch criminals.

Officers will have a map of the cameras registered throughout the county. When a home invasion, car crash, or other crime takes place, deputies can access footage in the area and use it in their investigation.

"We can go from having no information to having a timeline when something occurred," said Corporal Carri Batusic with the Comal County Sheriff's Office. "We can see what occurred as it happened and be able to develop a suspect or at least develop a person of interest."

Some neighbors are skeptical about the program and said that they're worried that it's an invasion of privacy, but deputies say that they have no direct access to the cameras and can't see the footage without the owner's permission.