SAN ANTONIO - The owner of a cleaners store in King William is shocked after the store was targeted by criminals twice in the last two days.

Clothesline Cleaners off South St. Mary's Street was crime-free for 15 years.

The streak ended at 12:18 a.m. Saturday.

"I got a text Saturday morning from my co-worker who said, 'I came up and thought I was in a dream! I was looking at the door going, 'am I in a dream?' I got here early to eat a taco and the window was shattered and the door was broken!'" said Debra Mills, owner of Clothesline Cleaners.

The suspect, dressed in a ballcap, t-shirt, and jeans tried to get in through the front door. He appeared to have multiple tattoos on his left arm from video footage.

"The police officers were saying this was one of the strongest front doors they'd ever seen," said Mills. "We had the door custom made for this building. This door was like the landmark for King William."

When the front door wouldn't budge, the man broke through the front windows.

"In 10 seconds, he made it from the window over to the computer, removed the cash drawer and was out," said Mills.

Mills said the joke's on the suspect. The store only keeps change inside the cash box.

"It's extremely difficult to open [the cash box]," said Mills. "They're like Fort Knox in a box."

After Mills got the windows repaired, she arrived at work Sunday to another unpleasant surprise. Someone graffitied an abstract drawing of a man in a ballcap pointing his fingers like a gun on the south side of the building.

"I was thinking we're so blessed that no one was hurt," said Mills. "I was thinking he broke my door but he didn't break my spirit."

If you recognize the man caught on camera, you are asked to call the police.