The topic of security is now a reality for most churches after the deadly shooting at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs. Omega Church on the city's south side will have a conference for other churches.

Associate Pastor Matthew Allen said there's a lot of interest.

"We are in a spiritual battle, but it manifests into a physical form," he said.

Allen was just wrapping up service on that unforgettable day of November 5 when 26 people were killed in Sutherland Springs.

"It was hard to get over," Pastor Allen said. "I don't know them personally, but it is hard no matter what. They are a church. They're part of the ‘Big C.’"

Not only does Allen preach, he is a licensed security guard and has a badge to prove it. The church invested in security eight years ago.

"We have about four guys every church service," Pastor Allen described. "We have some that are in plain clothes that you wouldn't know that are security and are armed. They are licensed and everything. We also have a couple in uniform."

Pastor Allen and Omega Church will have a security seminar on January 27. This is something they tried to do two years ago.

"We couldn't get anyone to respond," he said. "They didn't want to have anything to do with it."

The conference has generated a lot of interest. In fact, he has a church from Arkansas coming to San Antonio.

"It is not to scare people to come to church," he said. "It is to make people feel safer when they go to church."

The one-day seminar will cover terror tactics, security, systems and tools, and will feature national security expert Chuck Chadwick.

Pastor Allen says that the conference is for all churches, and even small private schools. For more information on the seminar, you can visit the event’s official website here.