Christian Tejano singer Javier Galvan is known for his music and ministry, but now he's known as a victim of theft. His says his ministry's church trailer full of school supplies was stolen Thursday night.

"As I was on the radio this morning telling my audience what happened, I felt violated. I felt like, not so much, disappointed more than anything," said Galvan, who was disappointed because it was a new trailer filled with items for children. "Six bikes, including a little motorcycle, a scooter, and things like that, for back to school events, and then we had some backpacks, the backpacks that we give out."

The only school supplies left now are two boxes of backpacks. Part of a small sound system that his ministry uses for outreach was also taken.

"Personal stuff, yes, it hurts. But when it's for the ministry, for the stuff we do for the children, its tough," said Galvan, expressing his frustration.

The only evidence left is two blocks Galvan says the trailer sat on and some dirt he believes was left behind by whatever truck was used to take the trailer, as well as a large scrape going on for blocks down the street.

"They forgot to put the jack up on the trailer. I know the neighbor down the street does have a camera, so we are going to take a look at the camera footage and see what they have as far as footage," Galvan said.

If anyone sees the white trailer with an orange and black logo saying "Jesus Christ, Holy-David's Son," they're urged to call Galvan's ministries at 210-362-8716.

But if the thieves have a heart Galvans says they can simply bring it back. He said, "You can park it here. No questions asked, no questions whatsoever, just bring it back."