Burglary is bad enough, but investigators said what happened in Converse was much worse.

Converse police have made two arrests in one of the most vicious cases they can remember. It happened two weeks ago around 4 am. Investigators say that a 76-year old victim woke up and found two burglars in his bedroom.

When the man got up, the burglars ran away, but the man made a heartbreaking discovery.

Police say that the man’s small Chihuahua had been stomped to death by the burglars.

“To wake up and almost trip over your lifeless dog. It's not a good feeling,” Converse Lt. Robert Avella said.

Lt. Avella added that the burglars took guns, jewelry, and electronics, but it is the loss of the family’s beloved pet that is the most disturbing.

“He was distraught, obviously. Very emotional. It's not just an animal. It's a family pet,” Lt. Avella said. “Burglaries happen sometimes but not in this kind of fashion. First time I've seen it. In all of my 19 years, I have never seen it get to that extreme.”

Andrew Jesse King, 20, is facing two felony counts, one for burglary and another for animal cruelty. He remains in the Bexar County Jail.

The arrest affidavit indicates that King and the burglary victim live just a few houses apart.

King’s father said that he has no plans to help his son make bail.

A 16-year-old that was also arrested is in juvenile custody. He will not see a judge until Monday.

Lt. Avella said that very little of the stolen property has been recovered.

“Family heirlooms and pets you just can't replace,” he said.